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VOE is a secure storage solution for sharing, sync, and collaborate private videos. You can get access to every video on any device and platform across the world.

How does VOE work?

Secure Storage

Save, manage & backup your videos easily in our worldwide storage capabilities.

Send videos instantly

Create a link to any file in your VOE Account. Send it to anyone, whether they have VOE or not.

Share bigger videos

Allow people to download and stream even larger videos when you share a link.

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Your Videos. One Plattform. Free.

Simple. You'll love it. On the go.

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What are the advantages?

Secure video streaming storage

Unlimited Storage

With VOE you can safely store, share and organize your files from any device - all you need is an internet connection.

Affiliate Program

Earn money by uploading & sharing your files. It's never been that easy to make money.

Easily Sharing

One link is enough to share your files with friends. Uncrawlable by search engines unless they are shared on public spaces like blogs & forums.

Storage of the future. Forever.

One more reason it’s a great time to join VOE.

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